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Confidencialidad y protección de datos

This page is an appendix to the Condiciones de venta.

You will communicate certain personal data to us by using our site and placing orders. These data are subject to computer processing in accordance with the GDPR (secure record, transparency and consent).

Who is responsible for the processing?

The company VotrePiercing is responsible for the processing of your data.


The security of your data is guaranteed by the use of the HTTPS protocol for the entire navigation. In addition, no sensitive data is saved and your account password is encrypted through the use of several one-way hashes (find out more on Wikipedia, opens in a new window).

Purpose of the data

The personal data we collect is essential for the management of your customer account and the processing of your various orders. Please find here a detailed list of the different categories of data associated with their end use.

customer: allows to be identified on the site and to have a dedicated customer account.

addresses: allows to associate orders with a delivery address.

newsletter: allows to manage the list of subscribers to our newsletter.

carts: allows the management of the carts in order to be able to place an order.

orders: allows the recording of orders and the progress of their processing.

subscriptions: allows to receive notifications when a new comment is added to a page on which we have already participated.

comments: allows to store the comments added on the different pages of the site.

You can view your raw data transparently for all these categories directly in your account, on the "Privacy" page.

Data recipient

The recipients of your data is above all the VotrePiercing site.

The only and unique data that we have to transfer to our carrier are your address, your name and your first name. They allow delivery of your orders (we write them on the delivery medium: bubble envelope, package, etc.).

We NEVER transfer data if it is not used for the essential operation of the site or for the delivery of orders. Payment data is NEVER saved.

Your rights

You have a free right to consult, rectify and delete data concerning you. Go to your account to find all your data and correct it as you wish. If data cannot be changed or deleted by yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us for help or to ask us to do it for you.


We use cookies to facilitate navigation on our site.

The cookie we use is used to automatically identify you at each visit, to find your basket and to keep a history of the products most recently viewed (you can empty this history on the dedicated page).

We use the Google Analytics service to anonymously record traffic to our site. Google Analytics also use a dedicated cookie, visit the Google Privacy Policy for more information (opens in a new window).

Newsletter subscription

You will receive our newsletter if you have chosen to receive it. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link provided for this purpose in the newsletter.

Bank details

NO banking data is recorded on our site.

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